About Us

Welcome to “The Dream.” 

Let me introduce to myself. My name is Ashley Perry. I live and have grown up in the Hills of West Virginia my entire life. I’m first and foremost a mother! Everything I do, is to bring something better for my children. That’s afterall, where this dream was born. 

Anchors and Arrows was born in 2018 but the idea of her was born long before then! After having struggled for years, I took everything I had accessible to me and threw it into this small dream of mine that I used to laugh about. “I will own my own business one day and be able to quit working to make someone else’s dreams from true,” is exactly what I used to say. Now, it’s a reality, more than just a vision. 

The goal at Anchors and Arrows Boutique is to bring a feel good feeling to everyone who slips into something. To give women the chance to step outside of their norms, to have a fit for all styles, fits, and shapes. Beauty is so much more than a size or what we show on the exterior. But that feel good feeling you have when you’re wearing something that just puts a smile on your face is sometimes unbeatable! We want to bring you all of this and more at an affordable price! 

Thank you for supporting small businesses. Thank you for supporting the dream. Thank you for supporting ME! 


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521 Market Street, Suite 2i, Parkersburg, WV 26101


3113 Murdoch Avenue, Parkersburg, WV 26101

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