Memorial Day

sabrina stanley

I’ve been searching for the words all day. Thank you isn’t enough, blessed is an understatement, respected doesn’t come close to covering it. Emotional - yes very.

Some gave all, all gave some. This weekend is celebrated, it is honored, and memorialized by us. It is special and meaningful. We will never forget what has been given. The sacrifices that are made, and absolutely will NEVER stop honoring our military.

Most of you know this is very important to us for very personal reasons. To all of our veterans and their families. Thank you. To all of those and their families who have handed us the ultimate sacrifice. We remember and we thank you.

To each family missing their loved ones as they fight for each of us, We are praying for you every single day.

To those getting ready to step into the action and your families... the emotion is thick and we thank you, honor you, and respect you.

Remember all of those who have went too soon, honor all those who are fighting for us still, and NEVER forget just how many people are apart of the sacrifice.

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