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Grand Opening #2 Complete

Ashley Perry

 Lee’s Studio and Medi Spa... 

Who could have imagined? Not I!!! This move made tons of business sense. Opening the boutique inside of a very sought after personal beauty day spa... it was perfect for my vision. Keeping it personal. Customized service to fit every customer. All of the things that were so important to me and my vision, were already in place with people who felt the same about their customers as I do my own. 

I truly couldn’t believe this happened, but I’m so very blessed that it did. Seeing Lee’s Studio become a home to Anchors and Arrows Boutique, was truly just written in the stars.

I want to take a second to thank Lee and Sheryl  for all they’ve done for me. Opening their doors to my Dream, and believing in this dream as much as I do! Many new chapter to come I’m sure! 

Also, a HUGE Thank you goes out to my customers and followers. The following, support, and absolutely amazing people around me make this expanding dream possible and a reality each and everyday! Thank you for trusting me, and for allowing me to style you from time to time. With this move, this will open the door to a lot of new ideas as well. Special orders and styling for special occasions, as well as many many new style options! 

To everyone who thus far has been apart of this dream, THANK YOU! Without your love and support none of this would be possible! 

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